On CBT Therapy And Creativity

CBT Therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a fairly recent form of psychological therapy that can help with all kinds of problems. What makes CBT different is that it is all about solving problems and not so much about finding the causes for it, like with other forms of psychotherapy. CBT is all about the idea that a lot of mental problems are brought on by the ways how we think. By changing our thought patterns, we can overcome these problems.

So you might be asking what has a post about CBT to do with design? Well, here’s the thing: cognitive behavioural therapy doesn’t just help when someone has severe mental conditions, for example PTSD, OCD or other similar such conditions. CBT can also help with all a lot every day issues, starting from anger management to relationship troubles, lacking motivation and countless others. In other words, it can be a real good thing that can benefit your work.

If you’re a designer or happen to be in some other type of creative work, it isn’t helpful if your mind is occupied with problems, when you can’t focus or simply can’t find the right state of mind that you want for your work. With the help of CBT, you can get more motivated and creative with a positive and relaxed view on things. If you happen to live in Greater London, I recommend that you see a CBT therapist London, and maybe simply just because I made you curious about CBT and how it can make your life better. I found it to be great help for my creative work!